Value of quality custom packaging boxes in today’s world

It is well-known fact that 95% of new products get fail every year. This is a simple phenomenon why this happens? It is 2018 most customers do not have enough time or you can say the energy to see each product in details so they avoid weighing their shopping carts with unnecessary products. So, they simply adopt a shortcut method which is your product custom packaging boxes.

Think about a company which Tiffany & Co. For the most people, their iconic robin blue egg box is more recognizable then jewelry itself.
Packaging is very powerful because it tells the consumers why you’re your products are different from other brands. Also, a matter of common sense if the packaging of your product will be impressive or quality then it will help to gain consumer attention towards your product and it tries to put the positive impact of your product in the consumer mind. It is sure that consumer will definitely think that if this brand worked so much on the packaging of their product then definitely product will be high in quality. We do not say quality packaging means a lot using a lot of colors, brand logo everywhere or a lot of text on the packaging. Quality packaging means it should be clean easy to open and a packaging which can define the product in consumer’s eyes.

Custom packaging boxes

Let’s talk about apple and their packaging strategy what apple does? Did you see apple use very clean packaging design which known is minimalist packaging and also you have seen in the most UNboxing video of new iPhone, people find most easy to open and a clean packaging and simply they love it.
Plenty of startups with intelligent are focused at the unboxing experience as well. There is a company name Pad & Quill, which sells artisan iPad and iPhone cases, what they do? They wrap their products in the paper which color is in brown with some loving messages, which are written inside and they also use a seal which is called Roman seal that gives completely a hand-wrapped feel.

Especially packaging in quality is useful for growing any business or startups because it is a well-known fact a quality cosmetic packaging can have a direct relationship with sales, plus it describes a company’s name in consumer’s eyes. Let’s take and other company which is Trunk Club. What does this company do? This company is a hand selects clothing it works on for men clothing .it sends its most stylish outfits for men in cardboard custom printed boxes. This box is designed very elegantly also they use a word for their special box is “trunk”. This thing exactly fits convenience, style, and service together. After the five years of smart work, Trunk Club got Nordstrom’s attention, and there is the departmental store which bought this startup for 350 million dollars.

Packaging helps to influence the company grows on the larger scale too. If we talk about company definitely I won’t take it but its beer making company it sales faced a slump last year. On the other hand, there was the company which bumped the sales nearly by 5 percent at the same time. The other company immediately changed the can that came in. so it helped to reduce its sales by just changing the packaging.

It has seen by doing using poor packaging that poor packaging has even more dramatic effects on people. Let’s talk about country Australia which recently passed a law against cigarettes manufacturing companies. The law is the removal of packaging branding, the government aimed to discourage youth from smoking. Now no brand can use the brand logo also this law says no brand can use its typeface. The cigarette packs are covered with health caution sings and with some images that helps to deter smoking, by doing this the result which came out is exceptional, a large number of the people quitted smoking in Australia and no such numbers saw in history before adopting this step.

Now I am sure, you have come to know the impact of packaging about how it can help to increase or sale of any business. Now today I will educate you about quality custom printed packaging and how you can produce quality packaging.

1-how to design a packing that makes an impact in consumer’s eyes

Every startup wants to achieve an instantly recognizable status and wants to become famous as Apple or Tiffany & Co., and this can only start with a powerful type of product’s packaging. Now the question is how can you create packaging of your product that would be so much power, which will come up your product value at the top position in the market?

The first thing you need to understand is to find out your demographic. A strategy of companies like white and robin’s egg blue will not work for every brand in the same way. Think and consider a company which name is Lowes Home Improvement and Home Depot. You will see their rugged brands speak themselves with clean, fresh or bold colors. Here is the point which I really want to share do not get afraid if you go a little bold. Sometimes it works very well.

Try to make cheap packaging which looks chic and clean in design do not put too my stuff of packaging try, go bold but with things which make perfectly some sense. The good packaging does not mean that it should be expensive. Stephanieverafter is a hair accessory boutique which sells hair accessories online, what this company doses? it packs its bows on very simple cards which are in muted colors with some stylish or we can say different types of typography. It is considered of the simplest and inexpensive solution which gives a high end feel to every item of this boutique. So, what you need to understand is inexpensive packaging can put a good impact of your products in consumer’s eyes.

Let come to some other things try to make packaging a part of the experience. Everyone learns with experiences. we see that people find it so much fun when they unbox the Apple products because their packaging is so clean and easy to open, it actually what reflects? The sleekness of the product, a user-friendly experience of Apple products which is inside of the box one more thing.

Another startup, which produces the kits for people like kids and their parents who want to grow food on their own. What this company packaging solution adopted. They made mushroom kits packaging kid friendly they designed packaging in such a way that to open the packaging of the products you need to jump off the shelf to enjoy the fun.

Another important factor is eco-friendly packaging. Packaging which is reusable or recycle-able always make a reason in the consumer to choose your product over your has seen, 52 percent people around the globe make their partially purchase decision due to eco-friendly custom packaging boxes. This puts a very good impact in the consumer mind from environment point of view plus It has the social impact too. Consumers think that if this brand is loyal to the people lives, environment then definitely they will be loyal too with their customers in the matter of their product quality.

On the last, always remember you packaging is meant to deliver or we can say a communicate a purpose, like what you’re your brand is for, what you want to deliver, why the consumer should trust you and many more. So always remember, do not miss the chance to put a long lasting impression in consumer minds.